Some Fun Websites: April Fools Day is Coming!

April Fools Day is little more than a week away, and friendly Computer Pranks have become popular. I would never advocate anything harmful, but I remember the Google Mirror site I saw a few years ago. It is still available at Someone with a sense of humor created a mirror image (of an older version) of the Google search page. This mirror version of Google is fully functional, but you have to spell your search term(s) backwards! So load this page, and in your prank victim’s Internet Explorer or Firefox, go to Tools – Options and save this as the homepage for your favorite prank victim! Of course, be prepared to confess, and return their home page to normal after having some fun.

In the same light of people who must have too much time on their hands, over 10,000 contributions have come to a new Wiki site, like Wikipedia, but from the perspective of camels. Sorry it’s all in German, but if you read some German, it is quite hilarious.

Being an amateur actor (some of you know about my delightful memories with Elizabeth as Annie and Daddy Warbucks played be me, bald head and all, and a couple community theatre stints as Jud Fry in Oklahoma), I enjoy musical theatre. There is an ad hoc Improv group of dozens to thousands, called Improv Everywhere. Their latest project, called Food Court Musical, took place in a Los Angeles mall. It is hilarious! Also check out Frozen Grand Central, where over 200 people freeze in motion for two minutes throughout NYC’s Grand Central Station! What a great way to make people laugh! I wonder what they have planned for April Fool’s Day this year?

Food Court Musical on YouTube

I’ll share one final link that might inspire a harmless (?) classroom prank, for those of you dramatic students reading this. Good-natured teachers would actually enjoy this, at least I would. If you haven’t seen this video before, watch the Lecture Musical, presented spontaneously in a college classroom (obviously well-planned and rehearsed). The Prangstgrüp has performed some other musical theatrics, which are available on their website.

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