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E-Book Readers and the future of E-Ink | Technology Blog

E-Book Readers and the future of E-Ink

Being a graduate student (online program), I have been buying a lot of books from Amazon. I’ve passed over their new Kindle device that shows up every time I log in. The Kindle is their new electronic book gadget, and I assumed it was just a black-and-white LCD display, like a mini-laptop computer, to display pages of a book.

But then Stephen and I were in a Borders store about a week ago, and the similar Sony Reader device was on display. Stephen asked me if I’d seen it before, and I glanced at it. “Not in person,” I replied. At first we thought it was just a fake display model, like some cell phones at WalMart that don’t work, in case someone would try to steal the display unit. But this was the real thing, tethered down with a steel cable. And I was very impressed.

The display is NOT LCD, but rather the first major implementation of electronically-addressable ink. This display is very nice to read and look at. It does not look like an LCD at all. No backlight necessary, it looks like ink on paper. The front is very non-glare, but without obscuring the display like non-glare picture frames do.

Tonight I noticed the over-the-edge technology dealer, thinkgeeks, has a new e-ink wristwatch. E-ink watch from ThinkgeekLike the $399 Kindle, I won’t rush out to buy the e-ink wristwatch for $250. Maybe when it’s $100. Notice the picture to the left, which shows optional displays a user can select on the SAME WATCH! I like this technology! Soon a similar watch will have bluetooth, allowing us to load our own watch face. And our watch will be able to display the caller ID from our cellphone on the face of the watch. LCD’s could do that, too, but the e-ink is certainly a technology I will be watching.

Supposedly color is coming in the future of e-ink, so I look forward to the portable projection screen with e-ink… Hang it on the wall, and pull down a self-contained 6′ wide television/computer monitor, with no projector! That will be awesome! Thank you, Xerox and others, for this Research and Development!


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