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I’ll admit it, I’m a tech-geek. And I’m afraid I’m contributing to my son being one, as well. Yesterday I ordered a new portable digital audio recorder, having found a new model that has features to make it worth updating from my Aiwa minidisc recorder.

The new Olympus LS-10 digital recorder was released in the U.S. in January, and has built-in stereo microphones, 2GBOlympus LS-10 internal memory, and a SD/SDHC card slot. This new unit will make studio-quality recordings and fit in a shirt pocket. Hopefully my daughter can make some good recordings of her songs, and it will be useful for audio for video production and other applications.

Do you edit audio? The great thing about this recorder is that files are instantly transfered from the recorder by USB (or SD card) and ready to edit. I use Cool Edit Pro software, which Adobe purchased and updated to the newer product, Adobe Audition. I wish Audition were included with the Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection (which I purchased for grad classes and for teaching). Instead, Adobe created a basic audio editor, called Adobe Soundbooth, to bundle with the Creative Suite video products. Eventually, I’ll probably update to the current version of Audition. For now, I’ll keep using CoolEdit. Or I’ll use Audacity, which is one of the best free programs available for audio editing.

Download Audacity and find other useful Open Source software at SourceForge.

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