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Keep that new laptop: Make it unique with a Skin that you create! | Technology Blog

Keep that new laptop: Make it unique with a Skin that you create!

More than 600,000 laptops are stolen every year, and I don’t want mine to become part of that statistic (http://answers.google.com/answers/threadview/id/605878.html). What do the thieves do with these laptops? Most probably end up for sale on eBay or brought in to a pawn shop for some quick cash. Besides being wise in not ever leaving it unsecured, making it obviously marked up can provide one of the best deterrents to a potential theft. Unique Skins Sample

I have seen equipment and tools sprayed with red or yellow spray paint. And we engrave equipment at work with a diamond-tip engraver. But I don’t care to do this to my laptop. My son told me about a wonderful alternative, which is a great option called a Skin. Now the skins he has used are clear, which is a nice option to protect his iPod from scratches and oily fingers. But Unique Skins provides a wonderful alternative, allowing users to create their own design, or choose from a variety of artistic designs and customize, to create a full-top-cover design. This “unique skin” is then easily applied to the cover of the laptop, making it one-of-a-kind, and helping to deter the potential thief. Of course it also allows making your own artistic or fashion statement, rather than carrying around just an ordinary off-the-shelf computer!

See the wide variety of options available at Unique Skins, including skins for all types of portable devices. Music players, cell phones, gaming consoles… if you spend $$$ on a Blackberry or iPhone, spend just a few more $$ to protect it from scratches and make it your own with a “unique skin.”

I’m working on my own custom design for my laptop, and one for my wife, too. I plan to include our name and contact information, not too big in the design, but big enough to be obvious to a potential thief or the person to whom they might try to sell it.

These skins are removable, by the way. They peel off without leaving any residue. But how many thieves would know that? Make your laptop or portable device unique with a Unique Skin, and let the thief skip over yours!

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