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Photoshop Tutorial Websites | Technology Blog

Photoshop Tutorial Websites

I’ll admit it — I love Photoshop, and like to pride myself in being one of the most well-versed in town on the software and its features. One of the best ways I’ve found to master Photoshop (though “mastering” it isn’t really possible for a human being) is to visit some of the countless websites with wonderful tutorials!

My graduate class in Creative Approaches to Digital Media from Regent University is currently sharing tips of the best FREE Photoshop tutorial sites they have found. I will list these, beginning with my own favorites, and then sharing my classmates’ suggestions.


  • TutVid Video Training Excellent Flash Website, with free tutorials on most of the Adobe CS3 family. Very practical tutorials, including 27 on Photoshop.
  • Russell Brown’s Adobe Photoshop Tips & Techniques Dr. Brown has a dry sense of humor and fame that helps make boring tasks fun, and fun tasks hysterical. Scroll down not only for enlightening and practical Quick Time movie tutorials, but also accompanying files. CS3 Scripts and Extended Scripts are powerful time savers, implementing Java programming to add powerful items to the Photoshop Menu. These are definitely POWER tips and tricks. These range from simple to very advanced professional techniques. Highly recommended for intermediate to advanced users! Plus there is a link to Dr. Brown’s Podcast — this guy is one of the Photoshop Masters, making me realize I know nothing!
  • Julieanne Kost, Adobe “Digital Imaging Evangelist” We sometimes miss the great information available directly from the source. Adobe provides excellent resources, and Julieanne Kost is one of their best. A few video tutorials are provided (and links to Adobe TV, which has Terrabytes of free tutorials, news, and related product reviews)
  • Adobe Exchange The Adobe user community shares many resources with one another, many free of cost (like Photoshop Actions) and others shareware or professional full-price add-ons. Explore the Photoshop Section for great resources.

Suggested by Michael Zimmerman:

Suggested by Kimberly Carr:

Suggested by Tara Hasbrouck:

Suggested by Leah Martin:

Suggested by Eduardo Gil:

Suggested by Roxanne Griner:

Suggested by Daniel Desrosiers:

  • http://www.3dtotal.com/ps100/pstut100.html This site has 100 cool tutorials for creating interesting art pieces – not just retouching, but crazy, fantasy-style designs
  • http://www.photoshopusertv.com One of my favorite resources to use as a teacher is a show/video podcast called Photoshop User TV. Hosted by the president of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals, Photoshop User TV offers great tutorials and advice with a humorous twist. They also share Photoshop news and host conferences nationwide
  • http://psdtuts.com/ Another resource for good tutorials

Suggested by Cynthia Hallam:

Other readers, please add a reply below with your favorite Photoshop tutorials and resource links!

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