Have you seen Jesus?

Thinking of Good Friday, I remembered a very moving song, “I’ve Just Seen Jesus,” that was released in the 1980’s. Whether you’ve never heard this song, of it’s been a while, take a few minutes to ponder the story portrayed in this song, beginning as Jesus died. The musicians are Sandi Patty and Larnelle Harris.

Think about the ways that you have seen Jesus in the last month. Not in a physical sense, but in the way He is at work around you, and at work around the world. Spend some time reading the Bible, and pray that He will be revealed to others through your life somehow in this next week.

May those around us feel that they have seen a reflection of Jesus after being in our presence. May we lead them into the presence of God.Christ suffered for us. For you. For me. And He rose again, and is preparing to come again. Rejoice in our risen Christ!

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